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benefits or other advantages to which an individual or group is entitled. There is a distinction between natural or human rights to which all people are entitled and civil rights to which people are entitled as citizens (of a particular state).


the quality of being extremely thorough and demanding. A term often used with approbation in evaluations of schools and their processes.

risk management

the process or procedures involved in assessing and minimising or eliminating the dangers - to assets persons and property -  inherent in any aspect of an organization's operation or proposed operations. It is most commonly referred to in education in relation to school trips particularly of the outdoor adventure type where there may be a risk of injury or even death to participants. The increased fear of litigation resulting from such cases has led to some professionals becoming reluctant to become involved in these activities.

rote learning

learning undertaken by habitual and mechanical repetition. It is generally viewed negatively as it does not promote understanding and is associated with draconian authoritarian methods.


in schooling this usually refers to regulations governing expected standards of behaviour. In recent times learners have been involved more in creating such rules - encouraging self-discipline and policy ownership - and rules have tended to be expressed in terms of behaviour expected deemed to be more effective than those expressed in negative terms : “Do not…

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